Meal Plan Testimonials

“Arya Bhavan’s meal program makes it easy to eat healthy! My energy level has gone way up, my mental clarity has returned, and the food is delicious. There is a good variety of food and everything is fresh and tasty. I’m becoming more aware of the effects of food on the body, and I feel infinitely better. I highly recommend it.” – Sue C.


“I have been eating the raw meal plan for almost 2 months.  It doesn’t feel like I’m dieting because the food is simply delicious. It is very convenient to always have healthy food in the fridge.  I don’t feel the temptation to eat junk. I’ve noticed that my clothes fit me looser and I’ve gotten compliments on my skin!!!  The excellent quality of food would be enough for me but the icing on the cake is that Arya Bhavan’s Chef Kirti puts her heart into what she does.” – Ini E.


“First of all, Kirti, who is the “mother” of Arya Bhavan and the one responsible for the culinary delights you receive as part of the plan, is a wonderful, warm and lovely person I was always looking forward to seeing on my pickup days.  

I like that some of the food is raw, some cooked, which gives a good balance of nutrients. It definitely made me eat more vegetables, which is important. 

It felt like such a luxury, and very affordable at that, to not have to shop and cook. I never got tired of the flavors and textures and I felt that I was eating very healthy food of excellent quality.– Susanna A.


“Since I started the Arya Bhavan vegan meal plan, I feel more energized and have lost weight.

I truly like the flexibility of the meal plan. It’s very convenient for working individuals like me. I have always wanted to eat raw, but the food preparation was more than I had time for. Having your food prepared by Arya Bhavan’s Chef Kirti, who puts her all into it, is truly a blessing.  For her it is about teaching people how to eat healthy and have a better life.

I highly recommend Arya Bhavan to everyone who wants a change in life, who wants to be healthy, who wants to lose weight safely.” – Gayle I.


Get Started

  1. Fill out our Meal Plan form in full, listing any food allergies we should be aware of. Email it back to us at or fax it to 773-262-4400;
  2. Download our Meal Plan menu, choose your dishes for the week and place your order by email ( at least 3 days in advance of the desired pickup/delivery date.

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